The Rottweiler

The Rottweiler dog is one of the earliest dogs to be domesticated. It is a breed of German origin. Its name though is derived from a Roman town, Rottweil. It was traditionally used for guarding. Traders used it to guard their money porches. Herders used the dog for herding and guarding their livestock against predators.

It has been described differently by different cub clubs. The common description among them though is concerned with its temperament. It has been described as an even-tempered, good-natured dog breed. It’s hardworking, devotion and guarding abilities have also stood out.

The dog exists in very distinctive colours: black and tan. The tan takes up not more than 5 per cent of its total body area, with distinctive tan dots above each eye and strips below the nose area.

It weighs anywhere between 35 and 60 kilograms. Hence, it can be described as a medium or large dog. Like most dogs, it’s a double-coated dog with a thick and dense outer coat. The undercoat is not visible above the overcoat and is only present around the thighs and neck area.

The Rottweiler is of relative great health; disease-free. Thus, it is, easy to maintain and rear.