Ten Amazing Facts About Dogs

Dogs are the most commonly domesticated animals. They have a wide variety of skill sets. They range from guarding, security, hunting, and even surveillance. Their interactions with humans go as far back as 12000 years ago. Dogs also have feelings and express compassion and temperament. Above all those traits here are some amazing facts you probably didn’t know about dogs.

1. Those Cats have an Exquisite Sense of Smell

The dog’s nose exhibits a strong sense of smell. Dogs have a thousand to tens of millions better smelling sense than people. This is why they are effective in sniffing out items at security checkpoints.

A dog can smell your feelings. Yeah, that’s right! A dog can sense when you are happy, sad, bored or even hungry. This sense is exhibited through smell. That’s why a dog will come jumping at you to cuddle when happy and sit sadly beside you when you’re sad. The dog will also stay away from you when angry.

2. Awesome Timekeepers

Dogs have a great sense of time. You may have noticed that when it’s your dog’s when it’s time to eat or take a walk. Dogs take up little habits and master them. That’s why when it’s time to play, your dog will try to initiate the activity. You may find the dog jumping up at you.

3. Dogs exert higher mouth pressure than human beings

Dogs have a mouth pressure of about 320 pounds while human beings range at about 120 pounds. That’s almost thrice as much. Well, dogs also have more teeth than humans. So, don’t ever get into a biting contest with your dog.

4. They have sweating paws

Another amazing fact is that dog have sweat glands on their paws. Well only on their paws! To be specific, in between the paws. No matter how hot your dog gets you will never feel sweat around his coat. This explains why dogs rely majorly on panting to keep themselves cool.

5. Dogs have a 4 times better hearing capability than compared to humans

Their huge fluffy ears in comparison to their body size have some significant meaning. Dogs can hear the tiniest of sounds and from very long distances.

6. Night Vision

Dogs can see at night. Well, this shouldn’t be confused with night vision. They don’t exactly see with their eyes. They use the tiny whiskers to sense motion, speed, and size of the approaching figure.

7. Dogs’ bodies mature fast but their brain is as smart as that of a 2-year-old toddler

This explains why they find it easier to play with toddlers.

8. Dogs don’t feel guilty!

Probably the saddest of all facts. Experts say a dog may express physical reactions similar to that of guilt but are incapable of feeling guilty.

9. Besides smelling, the dog’s nose is also used for keeping cool

It is usually moistened during hot weather. As this liquid evaporates there’s is a subsequent cooling effect on the nose and dog in general.

10. Dogs are the most loyal pets