The Four Pillars of Proper Dog Care

Proper dog care is important for the wellbeing of the canine, whether it is a pet or a worker. Dog owners or anyone wishing to have a dog should first check whether they are capable of providing good care for the animal. Here are some of the tips that a dog owner should use to ensure that his or her dog is well taken care of.

1. Proper Dog Feeding

Everything starts with how the dog is fed and the type of food that it receives on a daily basis. Dogs should be given high-quality food. Dog food should mostly be meat or meat-based and contain lots of proteins. One should also consider asking the vet for advice when picking dog food.

A dog should be fed twice in a day. One should come up with a proper routine of feeding the dog in the morning and the evening. You should also check the dog food package to see the amount of food that the dog should eat in a day. You should also make sure that your dog has drunk enough water in a day. Make sure that the water given is clean. Do not feed your dog with a lot of human food as this might lead to them having excess weight.

2. Proper Dog Health Care

One should always look out for the health of the dog. The dog should be healthy so as to give the owner its hundred per cent performance. Therefore, the owner should make sure that the dog regularly visits a reliable vet. One should see to it that the dog receives all the required vaccinations each year/cycle. One should also give his or her pet preventative treatments too. One may also pay for dog health insurance to help pay for the cost of veterinary services.

3. Proper Dog Exercise

You should see to it that your dog has the amount of exercise that is required. It is recommended to give a dog a walk every day to keep it physically fit. You can also play a fetch game for exercise and bonding purposes. Exercise is important for a dog as it enables a dog to burn excess fats and energy which it might use to bark or bite stuff.

4.Proper Dog Grooming

A dog should be always clean to avoid diseases and pest. One should always brush the dog’s fur and make sure that the dog’s coat is clean. This prevents the dog from having skin infections.