The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a common dog breed family around the world. People also refer to them as Lab. This breed is very popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The dogs were first bred around Canada and the United Kingdom. These dogs are a great breed to rare as they adapt easily. As pets, they provide all kinds of services one would ever want from them.

There are various breeds of the Labrador Retriever family of dogs. Each breed has specific characteristics which enable it to adapt to the surroundings and line of duty. Conformation Labradors and Field Labradors are the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Conformation Labradors are a medium-sized type of dog. They are much stockier compared to other breeds. They are short with oculus faces. They are also calm in nature compared to the Field Labradors. The Field Labradors are a bit taller. They do not have broad faces as compared to the Conformation Labradors. They also have long legs, long noses, lanky frames, and thin heads.

Labrador dogs generally have three main colours: chocolate, yellow and black. There are also silver Labradors though they are not registered as silver. Some Labradors have white fur on their paws, tail or chest. The chocolate colour in the dog us normally a medium, dark brown colour. The yellow colour is seen from the cream colour to that of fox red. The black Labrador has a completely dark colour.

Labradors are medium-large in size. Labrador males weigh about 30kgs. The females are a bit lighter as they weigh around 28kgs. The males also have an average height of about 60cm. The female Labradors have an average height of about 57cm. Labradors also have a broad head and pronounced eyebrows. They have expressive and kind eyes. Their eyes are hazel and brown in colour. They have very powerful and strong jaws. The Labrador’s coat is one of a kind in dogs. It is short and very dense. It is also waterproof. This protects the dog from colds caught from water during the winter. Therefore, the dog has a naturally oily coat.

The Labrador dogs have many uses around homes and at official jobs. They were first used by fishermen to pick their stuff and help them in fishing. These dogs have adapted to the current livelihood and have gotten themselves new jobs. They are excellent pets and are very friendly to their owners. They are also protective of their owners. They can also be trained to help the blind. They can also act as therapy dogs to people with autism. They can also be used as sniff dogs by the police. They are also great at hunting and are excellent in sporting activities.