Guide on Adopting Shelter Dogs

One of the ways of getting a dog is by going to an animal shelter to adopt one. Most animal shelters have dogs of different breeds and ages, so you simply need to have a preference. Petting a shelter dog can be challenging because most of them have a background of abuse, abandonment or they have never been domesticated before. Some of the tips that can help are:

  • Have realistic expectations: Always remember that shelter dogs have a different background and may need more training before they can start doing basic tasks such as not barking and taking commands. Do not be too harsh when their progress is slow, and do not get frustrated when they seem to be having trouble with social skills. You should be patient and bear in mind that the dog has had a problematic past.
  • Do research: Before you walk into a shelter to adopt a dog, you should spend time doing research to know unique dog breeds and the tips on taking care of them. Some of them are too playful, and you may need protective items such as an Ikea Ektorp sofa cover to preserve your furniture.
  • Have a routine: A good way of helping your dog is by having a simple routine that they can follow. Being consistent makes it easier for you to train the dog and get them to adapt to their new home without a lot of anxiety.