Factors To Consider When Getting a Dog

Dogs are available in a wide variety. They are one of the most diverse species on Earth. Each breed of dog has different capabilities. Several things should be considered before getting a dog.

The Purpose of Getting The Dog

Before acquiring a dog one needs to know of what they need the dog for. Dogs have various uses. They could be used as guides, pets, for hunting, security amongst other uses. Majority of people are looking to domesticate dogs as pets. Pets are mainly for companionship. When getting a pet dog you need to know the breed of dog you wish to get.

Each breed comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So it’s up to you to weigh what works for you. Some are mean, some are friendly, others playful, some are temperamental and some just lazy.

Age and Feeding

Something else you need to know about your dog is its age and its eating habits. Young dogs just like humans are playful and energetic. This may seem like a nice thing but, they may end up being violent and a nuisance. Older dogs, on the other hand, are calm and play less but then they sometimes appear to be lazy due to lack of vigour.

Older dogs could also be more susceptible to diseases. Knowing a dog’s diet and eating habits are also important factors to note. This will help one to know whether the dog will fit into their lifestyle.

A dog is a long-time companion so it’s important to have one that conforms to your lifestyle else, you could end up choosing to change your lifestyle, which is a no for many, or changing the dog.

You should consult the dog’s vet first before getting the dog. No one knows the dog better than their vet.

Preparedness to Care for the Dog

After knowing all about the dog you wish to get you also need to get ready for your dog. This, both physically and mentally. You need to be ready to commit, to nature your new pet. This is like adopting a kid. You also have to ready home for the newcomer. Make it pet-friendly. Remove any toxic substances like plants.

Also, buy your dog toys to play with.