The Poodle

Humans have domesticated pets for several centuries. Dogs are one of the most commonly domesticated animals. They were originally domesticated for hunting purposes. With time dogs have been used for varying purposes. These include security, surveillance and as pets. There are a variety of dog breeds and the poodle is one of them.


The poodle is said to have originated from either Germany or France. A majority of cub clubs recognize Germany as the country of its origin. Paintings of the breed by German artists dating back to the 16th century have been discovered. The French claim to have used the dog for fishing at around the same period.


The poodle has been ranked among the most intelligent dogs in the world. It comes second only to Border Collie breed. The dog is available in three different sizes. The toy, miniature and the standard poodle.

It appears as a uniformly proportioned dog with a well-built body. It has a single coat, unlike most dogs which have two coats. When it comes to colour it has a wide variety. These colours include white, grey, red, silver beige amongst others.

Traditionally, the poodle was a retriever. It’s has been used for fishing as well due to its swimming abilities.