Staying Safe While Dog Walking

Walking the dog is an important daily activity that all owners will need to undertake. It can be both physically and psychologically rewarding. However, the walk may also pose a number of hidden hazards. It is essential that dog owners know how to walk their pooch in a safe manner.

Knowing the Route

It is a good idea to only stick to well-known paths. If the walker ends up getting lost, it will cause distress for both them and their dog. Getting caught up in the elements may even become life-threatening during the more extreme times of the year.

Keeping the Dog on a Lead

A large number of public spaces in the UK require dogs to be kept on leads. This can sometimes cause a great amount of general argument on the subject. Sites such as BBC News have reported stories about these controversies. To avoid fines as well as the dog running off, they should be kept on a lead as much as possible.

Staying Hydrated

It is essential that dog walkers keep themselves and their canines hydrated to avoid serious health repercussions. They can read up on the symptoms of dehydration so that they know what to look out for. Some prefer to bring a bottle of water with them on their walk just in case.

Check Dog’s Paws

Dog’s paws are sensitive and prone to infection. After a walk, it is essential to check them for any foreign bodies such as thorns or grit and remove them. Mud will need to be washed off to prevent conditions such as Alabama Rot.

Get Medical Consultation

If dog walkers have health concerns, they could seek advice from a doctor. Their local GP will know if any pre-existing conditions could pose a risk when walking. Conversely, consulting a vet will help determine any safety concerns for the dog.