Choosing the Right Wallpaper for a Dog’s Home

When bringing a dog to their forever home, it is essential to prepare the environment beforehand to make it as comfortable for them as possible. Part of this preparation is choosing a wallpaper that is appropriate for the dog. They will have to look at this colour and pattern every day. Their daily mood will be affected by it.

For this reason, it is best to purchase it from Family Wallpapers. This company has a wide range of options available. When deciding on the right wallpaper for the dog, there are several factors to consider. Being aware of these will ensure that their furry friend is as happy as possible in their brand new surroundings.

Recognising the Stimulation Level of the Breed

Every dog breed is different in terms of excitability from stimuli. Some dogs will become more excited than others from certain kinds of wallpaper. Luckily the ones available from Family Wallpapers are neutral enough that this will likely not be an issue. Many of their images are understated yet stylish, so customers get the best of both worlds.

Avoiding Garish Colours or Patterns

It is not a good idea to choose colours or patterns that are over the top. This is because they could overstimulate the dog. It could also have a negative effect on the human residents of the home. When people look through, they should pick colours that are not too bright for the dog.

Maintaining Consistency

Part of how owners can make a dog feel at home is by creating an environment of consistency. Dogs that live a consistent daily life will tend to have a greater sense of overall wellbeing. For this reason, it is a good idea to place the same kind of wallpaper in multiple rooms around the house.

Being Aware of Past Traumas

The sad fact is that some dogs have had a rough life. They may have anxiety due to past traumas. Their nervousness could be exacerbated if the room décor has colours or patterns that remind them of these events. An owner could sit down with a vet and discuss the best wallpapers for soothing their dog.

Printing Personalised Image Murals

One of the best products available from Family Wallpapers is their personalised murals. This allows a person to fill their wall with pictures that make a dog feel at their happiest. Examples could include images of well-known faces and places, or even a toy they are fond of. Owners should get creative and utilise this tool to give the dog a tailor-made environment.

Choosing William Morris Patterns

Sometimes going down the classic route is best. William Morris patterns have been revered by pet owners for decades. They are timeless and aesthetically pleasing. There is an entire catalogue of them to choose from at Family Wallpapers. These are sure to make a dog’s new home feel cosy and welcoming.