The Bulldog

In a bulldog discussion, each person in a group of may find themselves giving a different description of their dog. This is because ‘Bulldog’ is a name which describes several dog breeds of the same family.

Generally, however, these are small to medium-sized stocky dogs with a wide head, a wrinkled face and a nose that looks like it has been pushed backwards and upwards. This nature of the muzzle is sometimes referred to as being Brachycephalic. The dogs have a very short tail that appears as if it has been docked. The English bulldog is arguably the most popular of the bull breeds.


The bulldog is a drama dog. It can change moods in an instant and behave differently towards different people. These mood swings are, however, a way to seek attention from the people around it. They seldom end up being vicious.

For this reason, the dog is considered adorable and is a very popular pet breed. This is helped by the fact that the dog does not shed as much of its coat as most other dog breeds. The dogs have smooth fur that is easy to groom. When well kept, the fur appears shiny. They come in a host of colours including black and brown, always with a splash of white.

Besides being temperamental, the playfulness of bulldogs makes them quite stubborn. They hardly pay attention and will turn any kind of interaction into a game. Several people even consider them to be needy dogs. This makes it difficult to give anything more than basic training. When subjected to strict instructions, they often become sulky and withdrawn.