Pet Dogs – The Real Four-Legged Best Friends

Of all the roles played by dogs, being pets is the most common. Majority of dog lovers keep them just to have them around. The pets may offer guard and protection, but those are just fringe benefits.

One reason for dogs’ popularity as pets is their natural ability to interact with humans. Since they are trainable, dogs can do a lot of things that people ask of them. They can be playmates, they can share their owners’ moods, they can go for walks, and a host of other things.

Moreover, dogs are clean pets. With training, they will rarely leave a mess on the premises. This makes them easy to maintain within a person’s living area. They sit and sleep in their designated areas and will easily know their feeding plates.

As pets, dogs also inject discipline and routine in their owners’ lives. Dog owners know they have to get to task when it is time to feed or clean the dog, or when it is time to get them to the vet. Most dogs will not let you rest if you miss their feeding time by as much as ten minutes.

Popular Pet Dogs

Most dog breeds can be domesticated as pets. It all depends on a person’s preferences. Some people love beautiful dogs and will mostly go for small and fluffy breeds like the poodle. Others love strong playmates and will be more comfortable with German Shepherds or Labradors. People who love drama will always be fascinated by bulldogs.

The right pet breed will also depend on the nature of the home. If for example, there is a person who is allergic within the family, breeds that shed a lot of fur may not be suitable.