Common Dog Ailments and How To Manage Them

Sometimes, your dog will fall ill despite you giving him or her the best care. If this happens, do not feel irresponsible; it is not a sign of neglect. Just like humans, dogs can fall ill for the most natural of reasons. The right thing to do is to be able to notice ailments on time and seek early and proper treatment.

Kennel Cough

This is a contagious disease that spreads through the air. It occurs when there are many dogs in an area, so your dog is prone to it if it accompanies you to a park or on walks where there are many other dogs. It is mostly symbolized by a dry cough and discharge from the nose, and occasionally a loss of appetite. A vet can easily treat it with a spray or jab.

Canine Coronavirus

This disease is an infection of the dog’s small intestines and usually does not have distinct symptoms. The dog, may however diarrhoea or vomit. Thankfully, the disease is usually harmless and disappears on its own. If your dog shows slight discomfort, there is no cause for alarm as this could be the issue. For puppies, vet attention is necessary as it could turn out badly.


This is a bacterial infection that occurs from drinking contaminated water. Its signs include low appetite, urine with blood, fever, and vomiting. Supply your dog with clean water and prevent it from getting to drink from puddles. Take it to the vet with haste in case of any telling symptoms.